Yung-Hsin Sun, PhD, PE, D.WRE

A photo of Yung-Hsin Sun

Yung-Hsin Sun has 34 years of experience leading water resources planning and management projects for multi-objective outcomes and interdisciplinary integration to provide solutions to long-term economic, cultural, and environmental sustainability. While familiar with water resource issues throughout the US and many parts of the world, he has comprehensive experience and knowledge of the California water, including Federal Central Valley Project and State Water Project, and Sacramento-San Joaquin Flood Control System, and he specializes in strategic and policy planning for investing the future.

Dr. Sun has provided expert testimony in water right proceedings including the precedent-setting Lower Yuba River Hearing in late 1990s and participated in many projects and negotiation of early water transfers resulting in California's water transfer market we have today. Building on his expertise in system modeling and optimization, his knowledge of California water rights, system operations, and applicable environmental laws and regulations has been critical in many federal, state, local and regional water management strategy development for long-term sustainability and climate adaptation, and facility planning that includes both natural-based and human-built infrastructures.

Dr. Sun recently assisted US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation and Sacramento regional partners to complete a major effort of American River Basin Study, which evaluated the water supply-demand imbalance under climate change and formulate a set of climate adaptation portfolios customized to address unique, basin-specific vulnerabilities and promote mutual beneficial outcomes for federal and local parties. At the same time, Dr. Sun assisted California Department of Water Resources to formulate recommendations on long-term urban water use efficiency standards, variances, and performance measures for the State Water Resources Control Board's adoption, per requirements of 2018 Senate Bill 606 and Assembly Bill 1668. Since late 2016, Dr. Sun also assisted El Dorado Water Agency to reform their practices and policy framework, providing needed focus on their missions and capacity building, and developed collaboration and plans required for achieving long-term water resilience for the county considering changes of climate and regulatory framework.

His long-standing relationships with many key policy leaders and decision makers, stakeholders, and communities provide significant insights to California water. He currently serves as the Secretary to the Board of Directors for the Water Education Foundation to improve water literacy and promote education for permanent changes.